Max I.T. are certified resellers in Ireland for the powerful AVM Fritz!Box products which offer VoIP, ADSL, PABX features and WLAN connectivity all in one compact box.

We can also provide set up / maintenance / upgrades for your P.C, set up your email / broadband as well as removal of Virus / Malware / Popups and other needs.

The Fritz!Box is ideally suited for use in the Home or SoHo environment to get the most from your broadband internet connection. Using VoIP technology (SIP protocol), the Fritzbox from AVM allow you to drastically cut the price of phone calls as well as having multiple lines for making/receiving calls without having to pay line rental for each one - alongside a host of other features.

Current models available (8/4/2009) are as follows: (click on the product name to link to AVM website for more details on the particular FritzBox product)

AVM Fritz!Box - Overview

AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 - Available now - 245.00 inc delivery and VAT @21.5%.
VoIP, 4 port router, integrated ADSL modem, USB Host, firewall and WLAN (supports new 802.11N draft 2.0 - 300Mb/s) connectivity and integrated Answering Machine.
Dect Base Station - can register up to 6 Dect (GAP) cordless phones.
Also has two analog phone ports or use your ISDN PABX phone system using the ISDN S0 port.
Supports up to three simultaneous calls (e,g on three of the registered Dect phones or one landline call and two Dect phone conversations)

We can call out to your premises and set up the Fritz!Box 7270 for 280.00 inc VAT @21.5% in the Dublin area

AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 - Available to order - Call for availablity and pricing
VoIP, 4 port router, integrated ADSL modem, USB Host, firewall and WLAN connectivity. Three phone ports or use your ISDN internal phone system using the ISDN S0 port.VPN Support

AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7140 - This model is being discontinued.
VoIP, 4 port router, integrated ADSL modem, USB Host, firewall and WLAN connectivity. Two phone ports.

AVM Fritz!Box Fon 5124 - Available to order - Call for availablity and pricing
VoIP, 4 port router, USB Host, integrated ADSL modem and firewall. Two phone ports.

AVM Fritz!WLAN USB Stick - Available to order- Call for availablity and pricing (when ordered along with a Fritz!Box)
USB Stick for WLAN connectivity. WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption. Supports 802.11b/g speeds plus 802.11g++ (125Mbits/s)
Supports AVMs stick and surf technology when used with the above Fritzbox routers and Windows XP with at least service pack 2 or Windows Vista

AVM Fritz!WLAN USB Stick N - Available to order- Call for availablity and pricing (when ordered along with a Fritz!Box)
USB (2.0 + 1.1) Stick for super fast WLAN connectivity. WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption. Supports 802.11n (Draft 2.0) - 300MBit/s as well as 802.11b/g speeds and 802.11a
Supports AVMs stick and surf technology when used with the above Fritzbox routers and Windows XP with at least service pack 2 or Windows Vista
Note: The 300MBit/s connection rate will require that the USB Stick is communicating with a device that also supports this rate (such as the Fritz!Box 7270 above) and like all WLAN connections also depends on the particular situation within which it is being used (distance, walls, other wireless devices, etc)

New firmware available (Jan 2009) for models 5124, 7140, 7170 and 7270 now include inbuilt answering machine (up to five voicemail boxes) and fax receive functions. Both messages and faxes can be forwarded to an email address. The new firmware also makes the Fritz!Box even more user friendly with improved navigation and more informative help,
Both the 7170 and 7270 models also support VPN (virtual private networks).

The AVM Fritz!Box VoIP products allow you to use standard SIP based internet telephony services (e.g Blueface or VoipCheap ) using your usual phone for both incoming and outgoing phone calls (usually to standard phone numbers - like you currently do - so the person at the other end does not have to be waiting at a computer) - and can either be used independently of or combined with an existing phone (landline) connection.

Using standard SIP based service providers for your internet calls puts you in charge of your phone costs because you decide which providers you want to use (thousands worldwide) rather than being tied into a proprietary provider like Skype. If your chosen provider(s) (the AVM Fritz!Box can have up to 10 separate SIP accounts configured) change(s) their rates or introduces call set-up charges and you don't like it then just sign up to another provider - no need for new equipment just a small change to the configuration of the AVM Fritz!Box. Depending on the service used - you can do away with call set up charges or minimum call costs that make short calls expensive and, if you're not already aware, you can save a fortune on international phone calls - no matter what the duration.

You use the standard phones that you are already used to (e.g corded, cordless, DECT..) - no need for a headset or microphone/speakers and or even to have a computer switched on to be able to make/receive calls. If you choose to combine your existing fixed line (landline) then your internet and fixed line calls can be made/received using the same phone(s) and, as mentioned a bit below, you don't have to change how you use them to make cheaper calls.

Each phone port is like having an individual phone line and is capable of holding an individual phone conversation. This means, for instance, that the Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 can handle up to three independent calls at the same time so you could do things like give the kids their own 'line' or have separate phones for the house and office area! The individual phone ports can be configured as to how they respond to incoming calls. E.g all ports might respond to an incoming call on your standard phone line but you might want only a phone attached to a particular port to ring when a call comes in over the internet.

If you currently have a number of phone lines in your premises then the Fritz!Box offers you the option of 'replacing' some of these lines (thus saving on line rental - approx 25.00 per line per month). Another option is using the Fritz.Box to give you extra line capacity - without the extra line rental !.

The Fritzbox will handle up to 10 individual SIP accounts - which are not limited to one SIP VoIP service provider - this gives you a choice of which service you use to make your call (e.g you might want to use a certain service because it is the cheapest for calling a particular country). You can automatically control which SIP account (or even tell the FritxBox to use the landline) your phone call goes out on by setting up dialling rules or select a specific service by entering a short code sequence on your phone before you enter the phone number.

Another neat feature that the AVM Fritz!Box has is the ability to adapt the number dialled to suit a SIP service supplied outside your local dialling area or even abroad - the Fritz!Box can automatically prefix either the international dialling code (00) and/or even the area code (sometimes referred to as STD code here in Ireland) - so if, for example, you were using Voipcheap (this requires the full international and area code to make calls) and you want to diall a local number then you just enter the number - no need to put in the international dialling code or the area code as the Fritz!Box can automatically put these in. One handy example of this feature is that if you use an existing phone book on your phone to diall your numbers then you don't have to change the existing programmed entries to suit your chosen SIP service provider(s) because they are not in the same area code or even country as you are - you just use your phone as before.

You can make internal calls from extension to extension (e.g office phone to home phone). Call logging (service, number called/calling number (subject to caller ID enabled by caller) & duration), call divert, call forward, three way conversations, number block, quick dial codes ... Another nice feature is the 'Online meter' which can show you either how much internet traffic has been used so far this month or how many hours that you have used. These are just a sample of the numerous features that the Fritz!Box products offer.

The latest AVM Fritz!Box 7270 model is, we feel, an exciting addition because of the Dect Base Station feature - now you don't even have to have a wired connection between your existing Dect phone base station(s) and the Fritz!Box - just register each phone with the Fritz!Box instead of your existing base station(s). Supporting up to three simultaneous connections you can now use your existing set up (e.g one base station and up to five slaves) as if they were individual phones. For example - if one Dect phone is in use then another person can just pick up one of the other handsets and make their own call while the first user continues on (in a normal master/slave situation the first person would be using the only 'line' available to those phones so the second person would have to wait until the first call is over).
Max I.T have tested the Dect phone capability with Eircom 4012 and 6010 models.

We hope that the examples above give you an idea of the many things that the AVM Fritz!Box is capable of doing and gives how powerful these devices can be. But in case you are worried about how complex it would be to start using them then we can assure you that they can be set up for basic operation very easily using the software on the CD provided with each unit.

If you are using broadband over your phone line connection - (A)DSL - all our FritzBox products are Annex A which is needed for DSL use in Ireland (the Annex B products [such as used in Germany] that you find on eBay won't work properly as these are for use with DSL over ISDN phone lines). The Fritzbox can also be connected to an existing broadband service (e.g cable, wireless) and will optimise your connection using the incorporated bandwidth management.

To use the AVM Fritz!Box (or any other similar product) for VoIP then you need an existing and reliable broadband connection - you don't need to change your internet service provider (ISP) to use internet telephony (unless your existing ISP blocks internet telephony). The number and quality of phone calls that you can make concurrently over the internet can be determined by the speed (and quality) of your internet connection - e.g if your connections has 128Kb upstream then you should be able to have one high quality internet phone call as well as one landline call simultaneously where as if your connection is a reliable 384Kb/s upstream then you should have no problem supporting the maximum three simultaneous calls either using all internet based calls or including one PSTN (standard phone line) call. If you choose to combine a fixed line phone connection with the Fritzbox then you can use your existing fixed line provider - no changes needed here either.

Max I.T. can call out to your premises to set up and install the above Fritz.Box products, integrating them with your existing landline if required, and help you achieve the most from them. Alternatively we can also just supply you with your Fritz.Box. We are based in Dublin but we can arrange delivery to anywhere in Ireland

We are happy to provide support for any Fritzbox we sell - we have been using them ourselves for over the last two and a half years!. We can also provide assistance with FritzBoxes bought from other suppliers but reserve the right to charge for any help provided

German reliability - All AVM products (Fritz!Boxes, USB Sticks) come with a five year guarantee.

Have a look at the call rates offered by a small sample of internet telephony service providers (Max I.T have used the Fritzbox with these so we know they work!)
Call Rate Samples

Different providers may offer either calling packages or 'pay as you go' (PAYG) type accounts or even both. If you are make a lot of calls then a package might suit you better while if you are a light user or would like to try out a service provider then a 'pay as you go' account might be preferable. If a SIP service provider that you are interested in using offers a PAYG account then try one of these first so you can check the quality of calls etc that they offer.

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Contact Details - using VoIP technology we can offer you a few ways to contact us:

Phone Noel Dunphy on 086 809 0000 / 01 482 7106 / 076 602 1049 or email:
Blueface users can reach us at extn: 34129 (
VoipBuster users can reach us at njdunphy (
Calls made to any of the above numbers will be diverted to 086 8090000 by our own AVM Fritzbox
You use the most cost effective way for you to call - we pay for the call diversion using VoipCheap

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Please note that we do not sell products other than the AVM Fritz!Box VoIP and DSL products listed above